Children Gardening

Benefits Of Planting Trees In Schools

Each day, we pass trees, plants and flowers, taking little notice of the world of nature that surrounds us. We have become so accustomed to every foot...

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tree landscaping

What Is Landscaping?

If you’re in charge of maintaining a commercial piece of land, you may be familiar with the word ‘landscaping’. But what is landscaping? To answ...

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Rotting Tree Stump

Why Remove A Rotting Tree Stump?

As someone that cherishes their garden space, the unsightly appearance of a rotting tree stump is enough of a reason to remove it. On the other hand,...

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school sign

The Ultimate Planning Guide For Maintaining School Facilities

From small and quaint village schools to large, multiple campus secondary schools, every educational setting needs to have a firm maintenance plan in...

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Japanese Garden Landscaping

Advantages Of Landscaping For Your Commercial Property

Regardless of your industry, company scale or target audience, first impressions always matter. How you present your business plays an immense role in...

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neal landscapes donation

Supporting Children’s Social Care This Christmas!

2020 has been a tricky year for everyone. As a business, we know that we have been ever so lucky to continue operating throughout, so we wanted to tak...

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Business As Usual

COVID-19 November Update

With the latest government update in mind, we would like to reassure all clients that we are still open, but with additional safety measures in place....

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