About The Project

Our team of experienced professionals in landscape maintenance in Milton Keynes recently completed a well-overdue grounds maintenance project, completely transforming a development in Milton Keynes.

The team focused on first removing any deadwood that could pose a risk to the bridleway, including trees, branches, and shrubs. This eliminated many potential hazards to animals, people and property and improved the area’s overall appearance.

The team did a great job at tidying the space, which not only made the area safer and more inviting for residents and visitors but also opened up the field, allowing it to overlook the stunning scenery of Howe Park.

We used a Timberwolf chipper to cut branches into tiny pieces, making them easier to transport for recycling. This is a much more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional disposal methods, and it helps us to adhere to our strict environmental promise.

Another great job from our talented team of experts in ground maintenance in Milton Keynes! They have completely transformed the area, and our client couldn’t be happier – the development now looks immaculate, and the team is looking forward to keeping it that way for years to come.


“I had been putting off having the grounds maintained for some time, but I am so glad I finally decided to do it. The team at Neal Landscapes were professional, hard-working, and efficient. They went above and beyond to meet my needs, and I am thrilled with the results. The land looks beautiful, and I highly recommend Neal Landscapes to anyone looking for a professional and reliable grounds maintenance company.”

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