Water Feature

6 Commercial Landscaping Ideas

Commercial landscaping is a natural enhancement to your property, incorporating strategic planning, installation, and ongoing landscape maintenance. Y...

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Butterfly On Plant

How To Attract Wildlife To Your Garden

From bees and butterflies to birds, our natural world is filled with wildlife looking for a space to shelter, eat and drink – and your garden is...

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Neal Landscapes Tree Surgeon

What Is A Tree Surgeon?

If you consider yourself to be adventurous with a love for the natural world, the idea of an office job may not appeal to you – this is where a...

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Slug On Flower

The Best Pest Repellent Plants For Your Garden

After spending hours planting carefully chosen flowers or tending lovingly to a vegetable patch, the sight of creepy crawlies will make any garden lov...

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tall trees

6 Signs Of A Dying Tree

It is a shame to see any form of nature destroyed or removed from its natural habitat; however, when a tree suffers weather damage or has not been reg...

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Children Gardening

Benefits Of Planting Trees In Schools

Each day, we pass trees, plants and flowers, taking little notice of the world of nature that surrounds us. We have become so accustomed to every foot...

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