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Commercial landscaping is a natural enhancement to your property, incorporating strategic planning, installation, and ongoing landscape maintenance. You can achieve your desired results with commercial landscaping in many ways, but they may be hard to understand if you’re new to commercial maintenance. This is where our experts in landscape maintenance in Milton Keynes step in – we have compiled our best landscaping ideas to inspire you and get you started on your journey towards a well-maintained and visually appealing environment.

Our Top Landscaping Ideas

Our experts in landscaping in Milton Keynes are extensively trained, well-equipped and possess comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of commercial landscaping. Whether you require moss removal, shrub pruning, or shaping, we have the expertise to address any landscaping need you may have. Make sure to get in touch with us now to get started on your journey with us, and explore our tailored maintenance packages that can maintain your property all throughout the year.

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What Is Commercial Landscaping?

Commercial landscaping refers to the deliberate modification and improvement of the visual appeal and the aesthetics of a piece of land by changing various aspects of it, such as its layout, design and vegetation. This could mean carrying out strategic alterations such as removing or adding trees, shrubs or greenery to the area and incorporating functional structures and decorative elements.

The primary objective of commercial landscaping is to improve the aesthetics of the space overall, aiming to create a visually appealing environment. This transformation may involve giving the area a polished and professional appearance to cater to commercial needs, but it can also be used to create more nature-filled aesthetics. Through thoughtful design and meticulous planning, it aims to achieve a balance between functionality and aesthetics, resulting in an inviting and pleasing environment. Ensure to contact our experts in landscape maintenance in Milton Keynes if you are interested in commercial landscaping for your property.

Some advantages of commercial landscaping include the following:

  • Enhance safety: by keeping your commercial premises clean and tidy by carrying out commercial landscaping, you are enhancing the overall safety of your land and reducing the likelihood of nasty accidents such as tripping over loose debris.
  • Support the wildlife: by adding a variety of vegetation, plants and greenery to your property, you are setting up a system to attract a large array of wildlife and critical pollinators. This proactive approach supports the survival and overall wellbeing of these organisms, helping maintain the balance of ecosystems!
  • Improve employee morale: Maintaining a clean and orderly physical working environment positively influences employee morale and wellbeing, ultimately enhancing productivity, which helps productivity. Studies indicate employees experience an increase in feelings of calmness and happiness, which helps them be more productive and efficient.

For more information on the advantages of commercial landscaping, take a look at our previous article.

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Can Commercial Landscaping Help Your Business To Attract Customers?

Customers often base their initial opinions on a landscape and the business on the first impressions, highlighting that the aesthetic appeal and neatness achieved through commercial landscaping play a pivotal role in attracting clients and customers to your property.

Commercial landscaping is a strategic method to leave a good impression on people who visit your site, whether they are customers or potential investors! In essence, this then leads to an overall positive outlook on your company and can serve as a powerful tool for a better word-of-mouth review, among others.

As experts in landscaping in Milton Keynes, we ultimately know that if a customer were to turn up to a property and it was overgrown, messy, dead or old, it is going to set the impression that the rest of the company is the same, negligent and sloppy, even though this may not be specifically true about the company.

Contemporary landscaping trends involve a captivating combination of flowering shrubs and trees, perennials and ornamental grasses, which will, therefore, not only ensure that your surroundings remain breathtaking but also impart a modern touch, enhancing the allure of your space and make your business more appealing to customers. Attractive and aesthetic sights can significantly positively affect people’s mental health and evoke abundant joy and happiness.

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Commercial Garden Landscape Ideas

Revitalise your property’s exterior with many enhancements to elevate its kerb appeal. Brainstorming ideas can be challenging, but fear not – we’ve curated a selection of our top commercial garden landscape ideas to inspire and guide you.

1. Incorporate Flower Displays

Installing beautiful, vibrant hanging flower displays on the exterior walls is a brilliant way to transform your commercial environment to look less dull and dreary. This adds a needed burst of colour and fun to your site, which helps to significantly boost customer and employee morale while contributing to enhanced mental wellbeing. Beyond aesthetics, it helps your business seem more enticing and comforting.

You can choose a variety of plants that grow flowers that are the same colour as your company logo for an overall enhanced appearance and cohesive look. Moreover, installing your flowers on wall-mounted displays serves a practical purpose by safeguarding the flowers from potential damage caused by herbivores or adverse weather conditions.

2. Use Plants To Highlight Entrances And Corridors

For a modern and professional vibe added to your property, consider incorporating greenery and luscious plants to highlight the entrance of your property, as well as using them to spruce up your corridors. This strategic addition not only creates a striking first impression but also fosters a warm and inviting atmosphere, contributing to a relaxed and positive vibe throughout your space.

Elevating your property’s visual and psychological appeal, this versatile choice makes it a go-to every time. You can tailor the plants to your specified style choice and requirements; for example, choose tall and slender plants for a contemporary and polished feel or opt for a spruced-up and playful plant for a cosy and comforting atmosphere. You can even switch up the plants seasonally to help minimise maintenance costs! By incorporating greenery thoughtfully, you not only enhance the overall aesthetic but also create an adaptable and welcoming environment that leaves a lasting impression on employees and visitors.

3. Outdoor Cover And Seating Area

This is a perfect option for the summer months as it provides individuals with a brief escape from the demands of work to enjoy a breath of fresh air, which contributes significantly to enhancing your business’s tranquil and comforting atmosphere. The addition of trees and plants in the outdoor area not only offers a serene spot for relaxation but also aids in reducing cooling costs during the summer season as it provides natural shade and a place to relax in the warm weather.

Beyond this, a botanical flair and ambience in your property will help to compel and attract high-value customers and employees who appreciate the attention to detail and commitment to enhancing the overall experience. Investing in the outdoor space improves the aesthetics and positions your business as a place that values wellbeing and offers a refreshing break from the daily grind.

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4. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting in your property can boost the ambience of your business and help create a particular vibe you are looking for when designing your property. For example, string lights make way for a more romantic and warm setting, whereas lamps can help to create a professional and cohesive impression.

Moreover, utilise accent lighting or pathway lighting to guide your visitors to the right place, such as the entrance of your property and specific areas of your buildings; this is also a great way to increase the safety and accessibility of your property for a well-rounded and distinguished atmosphere. Take a look at the host of benefits of this idea on your property in this article by Starbeam Lighting.

5. Water Feature

Integrating a water feature is a brilliant strategy to elevate the overall landscape design of your property. It serves as a beautiful focal point, which can be further enhanced by combining statement rocks with low-lying plants for a relaxing and serene ambience.

Additionally, consider adding a seating area for employees and visitors to relax and take a break, making the outdoor environment more inviting. This feature does not necessarily need to be prominent and can even be in a small, cosy corner if you do not have space, but it will still have the same effect. The tranquil sound of flowing water and thoughtful landscaping elements contribute to a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Whether large or small, a well-designed water feature adds a touch of sophistication and relaxation to your property, creating a welcoming environment for everyone who experiences it.

6. Japanese Garden

If you want an area that epitomises peace and tranquillity, consider installing a Japanese garden; this is a great way to evoke feelings of serenity and peace into your premises, which is fantastic for employee and customer morale. Noticeable by decorative stone and abundant greenery and water features, these gardens look stunning and provide a perfect space for relaxing during lunch breaks. Many people believe that a Japanese garden is only suitable for larger areas; however, this is not the case, and they can be created in even small spaces for a small getaway for employees.

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Commercial Garden Landscape Services

If you’re intrigued by the idea of giving your business property a new lease of life by using our landscaping in Milton Keynes but feel uncertain about where to begin, explore our top services to kickstart the transformation!

1. Shrub Shaping And Pruning

While shrubs undoubtedly contribute to an appealing landscape with their visual allure, maintaining their appearance is crucial for achieving a sleek and professional look. You usually see shrubs transformed into neat, uniform, round, or square shapes. This not only adds a touch of sophistication but also reduces the risk of passing cars near your property getting scratched by protruding twigs.

Our dedicated team always emphasises meticulous, extra care when pruning shrubs. We always consider the optimal time of year to prune the shrubs based on the specific environment, whether it be a retail park, industrial unit or office block. This thoughtful approach helps to allow plants to flourish and bloom in harmony with nature, contributing to a landscape that is not only visually pleasing but also well-maintained.

2. Moss Treatment

Moss is a thick brown or green substance that grows over paved areas, creating a dark and dingy appearance and causing severe safety risks such as slipping and tripping, meaning it must be removed at every opportunity. Our team of specialists in landscape maintenance in Milton Keynes offer a moss removal service that ensures you and your customers are kept as safe as possible when on your grounds while helping it remain aesthetically pleasing. Our team uses innovative manual and chemical means to maintain tree bases and hard surfaces, and we always ensure that protective equipment is worn and adheres to COSHH and other safety regulations.

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3. Grass Trimming

Having a meticulously trimmed, well-kept lawn will leave a clean and tidy impression on customers, as it provokes ideas of a well-maintained and controlled company environment. Drawing on years of experience, our team of experts in grounds maintenance in Milton Keynes can use all the cutting-edge specialised equipment required to produce top-tier results.

Our comprehensive service can be carried out regularly throughout the year, which helps maintain the continuous upkeep of your grass. Additionally, we offer treatment sprays that improve the colour, growth and general appearance of the grass for an elevated appearance.

4. Weeding

An integral part of landscape maintenance services is our premium weed control solution, which helps maintain the overall upkeep and appearance of your property and helps keep your business looking professional and serious. Our team excels at maintaining shrub borders, tree bases, and hard surfaces in weed-free conditions using manual and chemical means.

Our specialists hold certifications from NPTC and City & Guild certified in: Pesticide Application (PA1): Safe Use of Pesticides & Pesticide Application and (PA6A): Hand Held Applicators. This guarantees that we are fully qualified to maintain the comprehensive upkeep of your space while employing innovative weed control solutions. This proactive approach eliminates weeds effectively and prioritises the surrounding environment’s and individuals’ safety.

5. Tree Removal & Maintenance

Although trees are highly beneficial to the environment, and we always ensure that they are preserved as much as possible, it is sometimes necessary to remove or trim them as they can become dangerous to the environment, your staff, or even the general public. For example, the roots can sometimes grow so large that they damage the building foundation and cause a tripping hazard; not only this, but they can become an eyesore for commercial premises, so it is better to maintain or move than at this point.

Our dedicated team members have all the required training needed to remove a tree efficiently and effectively. As part of our comprehensive commercial landscaping services, we offer a tree maintenance package. This includes thoroughly examining tree belts and individual trees, making adjustments or replacements as needed to meet current standards, and checking tree stakes for firmness and rotting.

If you are interested in our grounds maintenance in Milton Keynes, do not hesitate to contact us.

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The Best Landscaping Ideas

Commercial landscaping is a proactive approach to transforming your property into a clean, neat and tidy area, perfect for attracting customers and boosting the morale of your employees. So, now that you know all about our favourite commercial landscaping ideas, you should be able to make an informed decision on which idea is best suited to your property! From here, get in touch with us and discuss your requirements so we can advise a suitable service or maintenance package tailored to you.

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