About This Project

With the nation continuing to be in quarantine, we think that we speak on behalf of everyone when we say we couldn’t be more thankful for the thousands of individuals working day and night to protect us against COVID-19. With this in mind, we thought that we would take a look back to a project we completed in late March for the NHS on one of their premises in Milton Keynes. This included the full removal of tonnes of weeds and moss that had overgrown on the pavement outside of their building.

Having provided commercial landscaping in Milton Keynes for many years, we have seen many properties which experience significant growth of both moss and weeds over the colder months. Particularly when there is constant rainfall, which we are all more than familiar with in the UK, the moss and weeds can begin to grow quicker than expected. Moss is one of the biggest culprits for retaining moisture, causing it to spread across surfaces. As you can see from the before and after photos below, this NHS site had fallen victim to the extensive growth of both moss and weeds, which they were eager to remove.

Luckily, this is a service that our team offer as part of our landscape maintenance packages, which meant that we had equipment on hand to complete the project quickly and without causing any disruption to those working inside the building. We opted for using both our weed ripper and moss sweeper, which would ensure that all growth could be removed from the root, preventing further growth. The final results are absolutely astonishing – in fact, you can hardly tell that it is the same site!

What Our Client Had To Say

“The team at Neal Landscapes did such a fantastic job removing all of the overgrown weeds and moss from our car park. We couldn’t believe how quickly that they managed to get the job done, we’ll definitely be in contact with them in the future when our site is next in need of a little TLC!”

Check Out These Before And After Photos