About The Project

For our customer service-based clients, it’s vital that their business’s exterior looks just as presentable as their interior. So, when a national retailer approached our team of tree surgeons in Milton Keynes to manage the growth of two willow trees at the rear of their property, we knew the importance of the task.

Without proper supervision, willow trees quickly occupy a vast area and can become a hindrance to the surroundings. In the morning, our expert team assessed the trees and made plans to prune the branches. This, in turn, promotes dense growth and minimises the negative impacts of extensive growth.

To prevent these trees from growing towards the shop and potentially damaging the property, we also planned to remove the top canopy in a crown reduction. This procedure radically reduces the tree’s size and discourages outward growth.

The team got to work, and by the early afternoon, the trees were almost unrecognisable. A massive reduction in size made the area much more manageable and protected the retailer’s building for the foreseeable future. After a day of hard work, our team tidied up the area and left with another happy client.

As you can see from the gallery, tree surgery can massively impact the overall look of your property. Not only this, but management of the surrounding plants significantly reduces the risk of damage to your building. If this kind of project would benefit your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Neal Landscapes for grounds maintenance in Milton Keynes.


“The Neal Landscapes team were super professional and hassle-free. They came by in the morning and got the job done without any fuss. “

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