About This Project

Although many companies have started to slow down over the past few weeks with regards to the Covid-19 outbreak, it’s business as usual here at Neal Landscapes! In fact, our team have been super busy over the past week with two of our fantastic members widening their expertise by taking an additional training course. Not only did they successfully gain their MEWP operator’s licence, but they also had the opportunity to operate a chainsaw from a MEWP cherry picker (CS47) the week before at Brampton Valley training.

The new qualification perfectly coincided with our most recent tree surgery in Milton Keynes, which allowed our team members to put their new skills and knowledge to the test. This particular project was on a site that we have maintained for almost 28 years and due to the scale of the job at hand, required the use of a crane to reach the higher areas.

As we are familiar with the site in Blakelands, we were instantly at an advantage when planning the most efficient processes to complete the project safely and within the given timeframe. The client required all trees on their premises to be cut back, pruned, and the crown lifted to prepare for regrowth over the spring months. In opting for removing all old, dead branches, light can now reach all areas of the tree, promoting healthy growth over the next few months. This also gives our team the opportunity to carry out a survey on the trees, assessing the overall health and ensuring that there are no growing issues, such as rotting.

Once the trees had been cut back, we used our Timberwolf Woodchipper to ensure that all of the leftover branches could be disposed of easily and the site was left tidy for the client. As you can see in the photos below, tidying up the appearance of the trees made a significant impact on the premises, and the client can now enjoy healthy, flourishing trees in the warmer months. Another job well done by the team at Neal Landscapes!

What Our Client Had To Say

“We’ve been working with Neal Landscapes for decades and can safely say that they are the best in the business! The team are reliable, professional and fantastic at their job. As ever, this project was completed at the highest standard! ”

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