It’s official! The team at Neal Landscapes are now proud owners of the Timberwolf TW 280TFTR Woodchipper.

The new woodchipper will help us with all of our specialist tree-related services, including tree surgery and landscape maintenance.

About The Machine

The Timberwolf TW 280TFTR is fit for all terrains and works perfectly even on the most difficult off-road surfaces. This is great for us, due to regularly having to work on boggy or uneven terrains, especially in the upcoming winter months. The machine is designed to have low vibration and to be the most ergonomic ride-on machine possible for it to have maximum comfort for the operator on their long shifts.

One of the most critical factors of the machine is the chipper itself. The big funnel is wide with a 280mm x 210mm feed opening, allowing a smooth feed operation to take place.

At Neal Landscapes, the safety of our team is of the highest priority. Therefore the safety controls on the machine need to be of the highest specification. These are located on the side of the chipper, meaning easy access for the operator and no chance of them being knocked or damaged. The ‘no stress’ auto-feed control creates a smoother process of chipping, meaning less chance of something going wrong. For the more experienced operators, there is a heavier rotor to speed up the job.

Overall, the Timberworlf TW 280TFTR, is a straightforward machine to use, with simple features to reduce accidents and quicken the job at hand. With speeds of up to 5kph and the capability of chipping 6.5 tonnes per hour, this machine is perfect for getting the job done efficiently to meet the customer’s requirements.

Why We Purchased It

We purchased this machine due to the many features it had to offer, including its outstanding ground-covering performance and safety controls. It’s adjustable usability features mean that the machine can change depending on whether it’s easier to stand or sit while operating the machine. This makes the operator’s job that little bit easier and allowing projects to be finished quicker. Its four-cylinder turbo diesel engine is 45hp, and the components are straightforward to access when the machine needs a last-minute fill-up.

We can’t wait to start using this machine in all our tree-related jobs, including thinning works. It is just in time for the many jobs we have scheduled in ready for winter.

Timberwolf TW 280TFTR