About The Project

In a task that wasn’t for the faint-hearted, our client needed the Neal Landscapes team to tidy up the shrubbery at the front of the property and deal with a flood risk at the rear. This grounds maintenance in Milton Keynes showcased the many facets of landscaping as our experts paired brains and brawn to get the job done.

After several weeks of bad weather, the security hut behind the building was in danger of being flooded by the nearby stream. Our team were tasked with clearing the stream bed and lowering the water level. Equipped with their waterproof chest waders, our expert landscapers used rakes and pitchforks to clear the stream of reeds and pile them on the banks. Once finished, the team had piled the reeds 1.5m high on each bank to guarantee the protection of the security hut.

Once the flood risk had been minimised, the team turned their attention to the front of the property. Much of the property’s greenery had become overgrown and needed appropriate management. Using their years of experience, our landscapers cut back the rose bushes and planted Lavendula and Santolina to freshen up the property’s profile.

Our client was delighted with the work our landscapers were able to provide and had peace of mind knowing we’d massively reduced the risk of water damage. If you, too, are looking to transform your property, get in touch with Neal Landscape’s expert team. After years of experience, we’re expertly placed to provide landscape maintenance in Milton Keynes of the highest quality.


“The Neal Landscapes team have exceeded our expectations. We were worried about the rising level of the stream behind our property, but their landscaper solved the issue in a couple of days.”

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