About This Project

Although this year has been very different for many industries, due to the outdoor nature of our work, we have been lucky enough to be able to continue business as usual. We have even had the opportunity to invest in new equipment, and our most recent purchase has been a state-of-the-art stump grinder, which was used for this particular project.

We were recently contacted by a client who was experiencing problems with a large Silver Birch in their garden. Although the tree was absolutely beautiful, it was causing immense problems for the client, so they got in touch with our team to survey the tree and determine the best route. During the visit, it was confirmed that the Silver Birch was causing root damage to the neighbouring properties garage, driveway and foundations. It had become far too big for the location that it was in, which meant that the only solutions would be to, unfortunately, remove the tree. Our goal is always to avoid removing trees; however, the client had made the decision that they would prefer for it to be removed to ground level before any more damage was caused. In this instance, we did agree that this would be the best option for both the tree and the surrounding properties.

On a date and time that best suit the client, our tree surgeons in Milton Keynes visited the client’s home to begin the removal. Using specialist equipment, all branches were removed before the stump was carefully cut down. We then used our new stump grinder to ensure that the tree was cut down to ground level, preventing any further problems.

Client Testimonial

“We are so happy with our overall experience with the Neal Landscapes team! They were punctual, professional and friendly which made the hard decision to cut down our lovely silver birch much easier as we knew that we were in safe hands!”

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