About this project

The area is is protected for a wildlife habitat. The water was being slowed down dramatically from the fallen Willows (Salix) and lots of litter was being accumulated due to the trees falling in the high winds. Another big concern for our client was how high the water was rising up the banks, when high velocity of rain fall was occurring in a short space of time.

The client had asked us to remove all of these fallen Willows (Salix) off and away from the stream to allow the water to flow freely and to remove all litter whilst proceeding with this project.

We had lots of comments on how brighter and clear the area now looks. But most importantly the stream is now flowing freely and is lower eradicating the concern of any flooding occurring. Also the natural habitat is restored due to the stream being at its correct levels and has been fully litter picked to stop any pollution to the natural habitat in this area.

Please see below some before, during and after photos