About Our Projects

The team have been up to a lot these past couple of weeks, providing our clients with a range of pruning and grass cutting services, all designed bespoke for their grounds. Here at Neal Landscapes, the team will always work with the client to provide a service that offers an immaculate finish every time for a professional property aesthetic.

This time of year often sees an increase in grass growth due to the fluctuation in heavy rain and intense sun, and while it is great for maintaining a healthy landscape, it can require more frequent trimming. Due to this, the team have been exceptionally busy these past weeks providing grass cutting for our clients, ensuring that their property offers an aesthetically pleasing landscape while also minimising the risk of rodents and hazards.

As well as grass cutting, tree pruning is particularly popular this time of year, as it prevents the trees from becoming damaged as the warmer days begin. Pruning is essential for landscape maintenance in Milton Keynes as it helps to improve the structure of the tree if the branches are beginning to cause property damage, maintaining tree health, reducing the risk of weak branches and, therefore, falling hazards. Regular maintenance also helps to manage the production of flowers.

Take a look at the before and after photos of the work our team have completed to see how much pruning and grass cutting can improve your properties safety and appearance. If you would like to discuss how our team can devise a landscaping package for your property, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Take A Look At The Before & After Photos!