About This Project

The Neal Landscapes team has many regular clients that ask for landscape maintenance to be completed throughout the year to preserve their nature and maintain a safe and tidy surrounding. One of these clients is The Parks Trust, who have been enlisting the Neal Landscapes team to complete professional landscaping for many years.

The Parks Trust owns many landscapes within Milton Keynes, including those around the Neathill shops. Due to the area being full of traffic in the morning with people heading to the bus stops and locals popping over to the convenient stores in the area, it was imperative that the landscape not only looked presentable but met health and safety standards. Luckily, the team have been working on this landscape for some time, meaning that overgrowth is easy to maintain and the team were able to complete the project in a small time frame.

As you can see from the images below, the trees and bushes are located next to pathways and car parks, making it vital that the team regularly trim the landscape for safety reasons. This included cutting back and shaping the landscape to avoid branches sticking out on the path and causing a hazard to cyclists or vulnerable people. The bushes now look professional and aesthetically pleasing, allowing for the landscape to continue growing without causing danger before the Neal Landscapes team returns to complete maintenance again.

Due to the client being a regular of Neal Landscapes, it means that the team were able to complete the project without coming into contact with the client. This helps the team to maintain a safe distance during the pandemic while continuing to provide clients with high quality and professional landscaping services. If you are interested in this service or would like to discuss an issue you are having with your landscape, such as a tree causing damage to your property, then please feel free to contact the team.

Client Testimonial

“Having a reputation for beautiful landscapes, it is important for us to keep our appearance as clean, stunning and safe, and the team have always lend a hand. We have always put our trust in Neal Landscapes and have always been thoroughly impressed with the work that they complete.”

Check Out These Before And After Photos