About this project

One of our most recent works was for Milton Keynes Community Foundation. We were tasked with maintaining and tidying up the landscaping around the Milton Keynes area.

Our team were very productive, completing the job in only a day to the highest quality. It was a massive team effort, due to the maintenance work being scattered around Milton Keynes.

At first glance, it was clear there were signs of damage to some of the foliage, suggesting the need for our landscape maintenance services, including pruning and tree maintenance. Thinning work was required, in which we used our new timberwolf woodchipper to keep the bushes and tree’s healthy and safe. Therefore, this helped to complete the successful ground maintenance work clearing the paths for pedestrians— thus making it a safer and easier to walk alongside the busy roads.

What our client had to say

We are so impressed with the Neal Landscapes team! We were stunned when they told us they had finished the work in only a day. Excelled work!

Please see below some before and after photos