About this project

This was one of Neal Landscapes larger projects. This particular assignment did take a few months to come to an agreement on and what was the best overall outcome for this client. The company has a number of high profile visitors from around the world so not only were the row of trees a particular eyesore but they prevented access to certain areas of the building.

After discussions we went to the drawing board to come up with some ideas, some the client liked and some they didn’t. After exchanging a number of different designs and making sure that there were no TPO (Tree Preservation Orders) on any of the trees and the area wasn’t a conservation area we finally reached an agreement.

We started off by completely clearing the area including the removal of the tree stumps using a stump grinder then levelling the area so we could import fresh soil in at a later date ready for grass seeding. This allowed us to keep the remaining trees as we prefer to keep trees in the ground were possible. All of this was just on the front area of the site. We also created new planted areas around the car parks and site entrance to bring more colour and foliage to what was just dull car parking bays.

Please take a look at the before, during and after photos of the project:

This refurbishment allowed us, Neal Landscapes to do what we do best and that’s to execute this transformation in a fast turnaround time whilst keeping any passing pedestrians and or workers safe.