About This Project

The Neal Landscapes team is looking back at some of the maintenance work that they completed last year for a client based in Milton Keynes. The local shopping area, Neath Hill, required large maintenance works to the surrounding areas. Landscaping took place to ensure that footpaths and nearby roads were safe and under full control. In order to complete this, the team first needed to assess the issue to determine what service the client would require, and how the team will go about completing this to full health and safety standards.

Using professional equipment and a fully trained team, Neal Landscapes completed commercial grounds maintenance and landscaping to clear the passages ways for walkers and road users. This, therefore, would help pedestrians remain safe by using the pathways rather than having to detour onto the roads to pass the area. As you can see from the after photos below, the bushes and trees have been trimmed back and shaped nicely to minimise the regrowth of the landscape pushing back out onto the paths and roads.

Once the Neal Landscapes team had completed the groundwork, they ensured that the areas were fully cleared of any trimmings; this allowed the client to enjoy the freshly cut surroundings and instantly provide a safe environment for their visitors. The client was extremely pleased with the result of the landscaping, as well as the overall service that Neal Landscape provided.

What Our Client Had To Say

“Very impressed to say the least! The team went above and beyond to make sure that the landscaping was completed in good time and within safety guidelines. We managed to arrange with them a time that suited us, which meant that the service wasn’t disrupting the shops and their visitors. All in all, we are really impressed with this service, and the results are wonderful!”

Check Out These Before And After Photos