About This Project

As many business owners may notice upon their eased return to work amidst the governments further relaxation of lockdown rules, the landscape of many business properties have become overwhelmed with overgrown bushes, trees and surroundings. One of the most common reasons for this is because many commercial properties have been somewhat neglected during the lockdown period; this results in overgrowing of landscapes, therefore, blocking paths and important entrances and exits. Such was the case for an industrial estate, which had been out of use for many weeks during the lockdown.

For this project, the Neal Landscapes team were asked to complete landscaping and ground maintenance of the surrounding properties in the area, ensuring that paths we cleared and the properties landscape looked welcoming and presentable. When the team arrived, the bushes were covering the majority of the lower floor windows and had lost their shape; this not only looks scruffy, but also minimises the amount of natural light entering the building. The team immediately began by shaping the bushes and trees to provide a clean-cut and professional finish to the landscape. To add a bit of character and definition to the property, the team also created a step-like feature in the bushes as a unique design to make the property stand out. The landscape now looks clean, and the client is able to enjoy a safe environment as employees slowly return back to work in the weeks to come.

If your property has been neglected over the past couple of months while in lockdown, then you may require ground maintenance services. Please feel free to contact the team for more information about how we can help, and book in your project today!

What Our Client Had To Say

“After coming back to the office in shock at how badly the trees and bushes had grown, we contacted Neal Landscapes who have done a fantastic job in the past. The team always clear up after themselves, and we are always extremely impressed with their eye for detail and professionalism. Thank you again to the team for your time and hard work!”

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