About This Project

With the last few weeks of April being filled with glorious sunshine, we were lucky enough to enjoy the weather in the outdoors carrying out landscape maintenance projects for a range of clients. This particular job was for a client based just outside of Newport Pagnell, who was in need of the grass cutting on their paddock. Unlike most other paddocks, this was a vast space surrounded by countryside, which meant that using the correct equipment to get the task done quickly and effectively was of utmost importance. Moreover, as the paddock was the home to their beloved horses, it was vital that work was booked for a date and time that best worked with the client’s schedule. This would mean that they had plenty of time to ensure that the horses were taken out of the paddock and safe for the duration of the job.

To complete the job at hand, a member of the Neal Landscapes team used our branded LTF3000 mower, which is one of the most versatile machines for cutting both long and short grass. It is equipped with several different settings, which means that we can tailor how we use the machine to fit with the condition and environment of the project at hand. This is one of our favourite machines to use when working with clients to tidy up their space as we can always guarantee that the results exceed all of their expectations.

What Our Client Had To Say

“What a fantastic job Neal Landscapes did on our paddock! We had left the grass to grow all over winter, which meant that it was a job too big to tackle ourselves. With their help, the grass was cut in next to no time, so we’ll definitely be back in contact in the future!”

Check Out These Before And After Photos