About this project

This Summer, the team at Neal Landscapes were incredibly busy carrying out projects mainly based on tree surgery in Milton Keynes. Often, many of our jobs are based on commercial grounds maintenance, however, due to the intense heat and lack of rain that lasted several weeks at a time, growth was dramatically reduced. This meant that regular maintenance visits were also reduced, so we were able to execute more tree services.

Back in August, we had a busy day in Milton Keynes which consisted of two different clients who were both in need of assistance with a tree on their property.

The first client needed overhanging limbs on numerous different trees to be raised and cut back. They had noticed that over time, as the trees grew, a considerable amount of their sunlight was being blocked and their garden was very shaded. Just like all of us, our client wanted to soak up the sun in a bright and spacious garden.

Our next tree surgery callout was to remove a conifer that was beginning to cause lots of problems for the client. They had tried to keep the conifer through regularly cutting it back, however, decided that after having no luck, they wanted a full tree removal.

We were able to carry out both jobs quickly, efficiently and without causing any disruption to the client, both were thrilled with their outcomes.

Please see below some before and after photos