About Our Projects

At Neal Landscapes, we always strive to offer high-quality commercial landscaping in Milton Keynes. This project was successfully completed in September 2021 by our specialist team of tree surgeons in Milton Keynes and involved a range of services, from tree thinning to crown lifting at Linford Nature Reserve. We were asked to undertake the project by The Parks Trust, with whom we have an ongoing relationship and who we assist with a range of different projects throughout the year.

Landscape maintenance is a crucial part of maintaining safety for the general public and ensures that all of the trees are kept in a healthy condition. The process of crown lifting involves selective removal or shortening of low branches and may be required to maintain safe distances from the public and vehicles. As part of our tree maintenance services, we will check the trees for signs of any damage and adjust and replace any that are not compliant with the current standards.

To complete the project, we used the Timberwolf TW 280TFTR chipper, which is a fantastic piece of equipment for grounds maintenance in Milton Keynes as it is effective on even the roughest of terrains and in unfavourable weather. Even though it was a particularly rainy day, the team pressed on to get the job done on time, and they even marvelled at how Linford Nature Reserve was one of the most peaceful places they had ever worked!

If you’re looking for a team of qualified tree surgeons in Milton Keynes, we have a team of specialists with more than 40+ years worth of experience available. Contact us today if you need our help on your upcoming project. You can also view more of the projects we have completed on our case studies page.

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