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In more cases than not, people tend to spend more of their time in the workplace than they do at home, so over time, of course, you will start to get bored of looking at the same four walls. We take a lot of pride in maintaining a tidy, up to date interior in our home, so why not retain the same attitude when it comes to your workspace?

Luckily, brightening up your office environment doesn’t mean a complete renovation, small touches here and there will make just as much of a positive impact. A keen favourite for restoring productivity and enjoyment in the workplace is investing into office planting or purchasing yourself a few easy office plants to sit at your desk.

Top 7 Easy Office Plants

It has been proven that a tidy, presentable office holds a whole host of physical and mental health benefits from reduced stress levels to a reduction in the risk of hazards. A huge factor that contributes to a healthier team is the use of plants in the office. Not only do plants create a more visually appealing environment, but they contribute to cleaner breathing air and an increase in staff morale.

If you’re considering giving your workplace a splash of colour through plants and flowers, take a look at our seven favourite, low maintenance office plants!

1. Bromeliads

Bromeliads are known for their brightly coloured petals ranging from bright yellows, pinks and reds. At first, many assume that bromeliads will be high maintenance due to their intricate look and thick stems, however, they are the opposite. They do not need to be regularly watered as over-watering can very quickly cause the roots to rot, it is recommended to use a spray instead to spritz the plant with water now and then. Bromeliads also adapt to different levels of light; different types are better suited to either shaded areas or constant bright light. Some offices have more light than others, so always check which kind of bromeliads you are buying and match them to your light level before purchasing.


2. Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy is a form of greenery rather than a flower, but most definitely make up for the lack of petals with their heart-shaped leaves tinted with many different tones of green. The ivy is an evergreen vine which when touched on the leaves, feel as if they have a wax coating. In the wild or if you opted for planting outdoors, devil’s ivy can grow up to 30 inches high, however, is much more limited indoors, mainly due to lack of space. Devil’s ivy is perfect for the office as it is extremely low maintenance. When your job experiences a busy spell where you are non-stop, not to worry if you forget to water or fertilise your devil’s ivy, it can withstand weeks on end with no maintenance. It can also be placed in both well lit and dark environment and will remain to grow healthy.

devils ivy

3. Spider Plants

Spider Plants are perfect if you work in your own office cubicle as the plant requires a lot of shade, not to mention the fact it looks great against white office furniture. The leaves have the appearance if they are striped with light and dark shades of green. One of the critical benefits of spider plants is that they naturally filter the air, helping to remove volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) which are built up in indoor air. VOC’s are one of the leading causes of headaches, nausea and nose or throat irritation, all commonly mistaken for having a cold or the flu.

spider plants

4. Gerbera Daisy

The Gerbera Daisy is a multicoloured flower that comes in many different sizes, the smallest of which are perfect for placing in a stunning arrangement on your desk. Gerbera daisies do take a little more maintenance than the other plants and flowers mentioned, but they are definitely worth the few extra minutes when they bloom. You must find the perfect balance between light and shade to ensure that your daisies grow healthy. Too much light scorches the leaves, stopping growth and too little light will prevent the flowers from blooming. Gerbera daisies need to be thoroughly watered and will require a top up whenever the top layer of soil starts to feel dry.

Although the gerbera daisy does need a little more TLC, they do pay you back by filtering the air from toxins such as benzene, which over time can cause harm to the blood cells.

gerbera daisy

5. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen plants are loved for their unusual two-tone appearance with leaves mostly having a red tone with hints and spots of green. Again, the Chinese evergreen is low maintenance and does not require light to stay healthy although they do benefit from a warmer office. If you work in an office with heavy air con, then the Chinese evergreen may not be ideal.

The Chinese evergreen has many health benefits to the body as out of all plant variations, it gives off the highest oxygen emission, making you feel more awake in the office. Not only does the plant give off a high level of oxygen, but it also rids the air of toxins, ultimately achieving an increasingly purified air flow.

Chinese evergreen

6. Orchid

Orchids are one of the most popular indoor flowers, often given for gifts due to their delicate, elegant appearance. They are one of the tallest indoor flowers, which makes them perfect for placing in the corner of offices to brighten up dull, dead space. Orchids will also thank you for opting to put them in corners as they bloom best in the shade. You will rarely be required to water orchids as similarly to bromeliads; they can very quickly be swamped in water. A great top tip for maintaining a healthy orchid is to instead of watering, place one or two ice cubes on the soil surface every week. The ice cube will then slowly melt, eventually soaking into the root allowing the plant to absorb more.


7. Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is a white flower who received its name due to its symbolism of purity and innocence. Purity is an important factor of peace lilies as they are known for breaking down and neutralising toxins, overall creating a much healthier environment for everyone working around them. The level of light a peace lily needs to grow in depends on how you would like your final bloom to look like. If the pure white flower is what struck your interest, then you must place the plant in light to achieve this, but if instead, you love the dark green leaves, then opt for a shaded area.

peace lily

Brighten Up Your Office!

Adding a touch of colour to the workplace through plants and flowers may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but with the many different proven health benefits, it would be too hard to say no. If none of the ideas mentioned won you over, then not to worry, take a look at this Small Business Trends article for more – we can guarantee you’ll find one you love!

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